• Managed Cruise Line Product's Program pertaining to pre-cruise, activity management and messaging on ship.
  • Handled the complete product suite taxonomy in Atlassian JIRA under Program Management Office.
  • Motivated the team and provided direction and guidance, with the hands-on project and program management, both as the manager and the mentor.
  • Worked extensively on managing the effort estimates and schedules of the deliveries to minimise the variances.
  • Ensured implementation and refinement as required of the formal process to support the product development process, with focused product development on meeting and exceeding the customer requirements.
  • Prepared proposals and estimates for various customer requirements.
  • Worked with the clients to understand the issues they faced, diagnosed problems, designed solutions and facilitated solution deployment.
  • Performed or initiated root cause analysis for the reported issues.
  • Take bottom-line responsibility for the Assigned Program.
  • Initially served as Lead in Program Management Office under Delivery Management Group as well as Lead for the EU's GDPR implementation at the company level.


Project No.:01
Client:US based Cruise Lines
Description:Product modules help the guest in Embarkation, plan their activities on the ship.
Engagement:Turnkey Customisation Projects
Type:Development and Support Projects
Team Size:20
Role:Programme Manager (Scrum Master)
Duration:Apr’2018 to Aug’2019
Responsibility:Overall management of the assigned product modules. Build relationships and communicate effectively with the business people, clients and other system areas.
Technologies:React JS, Node JS, Java, Post-gre, Couch-base, Kafka, etc.

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